What You Should Know About BERMUDA ISLAND



Bermuda island is a British territory oversea.
It is the Northernmost Caribbean archipelago.
Strangely, the island is not considerate as a country, even if it had
is own border, its own currency, the Bermudian dollar, is its own government, and even his own army.

70 000 people lived on this tiny 54 square kilometer territory.
Yea, 54 square kilometers.
It’s so small, that when you zoom out on Google Map, the Island eventually vanished.
It’s pretty hard to get lost, the island is so thin that only one, and some times two road fully cross the archipelago.
To fully cycle Bermuda end to end, you only have to ride 40km.

The only bad thing there is about it is that there is a lot of traffic and the road is not really large.
But at least the drivers are quite courteous, they leave enough room to pass.
Bermuda is really small, and they don’t have winter.

Well, they have one but don’t have snow, a very popular way to travel
super popular there is a high percentage of the population who uses the scooter they are everywhere.
From all the islands, what you will remember probably the most is the color of the water, the cleanliness, and the perfection of the beaches.
The negative point abounds coming in Bermuda in the off-season, winter.
Is that everything is closed.

There are no activities to do there is no kayaking, no scuba diving all the
stuff on the water, forget it.

the big positive thing

When you came to the observation spot Often you feel like on a deserted island.
There is nobody.
And this is why it’s so great to visit this territory in wintertime, that Bermudian also called the dead season.
That way you can meet the real people of that country and learn more about there way to live.

And it’s a real chance in Bermuda since people are really kind.
The other thing that you have to know about Bermudian, is how stressless they are.
There is absolutely no rush.
Peoples doest run into the street for not being late, drivers
doesn’t try stupid things to gain a few seconds.

Sometimes you even realize that you are speaking with someone for a while only because he has some time to spend with you.
Stores and groceries open late and close early, most are even closed on Sunday.

Most of the residences are made of painted concrete, usually pastel.
Regardless of their format or number of floors or their location, every house has a common.
Every roof is painted in white to avoid overheating.
Since it’s warm all year long, several homes are not even equipped with a permanent heating system.
Every way to put color in your life is good.

Get on a plane to Bermuda is very cheap, especially in winter,
but once you are there, everything is expensive.