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The One Fruit Everyone Over 40 Should Be Eating



You certainly already know that foods are great allies of a good quality of life, right?
It is important to remember that, no matter what our age is, we must take care of our health and pay attention to what we eat.

But, after our 40s, some nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants can be added to our diet to bring more energy, calm, and balance.
If you are in your 40s already, you will learn about a fruit that has many benefits to offer to you.

Can you guess what fruit are we talking about?


This fruit is incredible.
Of course, you are familiar with the famous saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
Did you know that both the pulp and peel of an apple are rich in vitamins C and minerals, like calcium, phosphorus, and potassium?

The fruit also has fiber and a powerful antioxidant called quercetin.
All of that makes apple one of the healthiest fruits of the world!
Quercetin is a natural substance found not only in apples but in other foods, like onions and capers.

Thanks to its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers, quercetin strengthens the human body and has many benefits, such as:
Prevents premature aging by eliminating free radicals;
Contributes to the memory and brain, preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Increases resistance against respiratory allergies; Helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL); Improves food allergies and helps the digestive system;
Prevents strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular issues (antithrombotic and vasodilator effects).

Helps with weight loss; Strengthens the immune system; Increases bone health; And, if that wasn’t enough, it helps prevent tooth cavities.
The recommendation is to eat an apple a day, preferably unpeeled, to absorb all the nutrients.

In this case, opt for organic apples, or be sure to wash them thoroughly to eliminate any traits of pesticides from the fruit.
When buying your apples, choose the ones with a bright peel, firm pulp, heavy, and without any cracks or holes.

So, did you know all the benefits of an apple?
That’s why we keep telling you: apples are great gifts from Nature
to us!

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