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Essential Oils That Are Safe For Babies, Pregnant, and Nursing Women



We are always talking about essential oils and sharing their benefits for health.
But, so far, we haven’t told you about the essential oils that can be used by pregnant women, babies, and children.

Are you curious to learn more?

If you are pregnant, you may have asked yourself if it was safe for you to use them during your pregnancy or if you could apply them on your infant to enjoy their benefits.
Isn’t it true?

Did you know that moms and babies practice aromatherapy ever since the beginning of their relationship?
The aroma of the almond oil she used to avoid stretch marks, the strong smells that made her nauseous, and the smell of the baby’s clothes, all of it is aromatherapy.

Before we see which essential oils you can use, it is always good to remember that you must be cautious and careful.

It is better to choose more subtle oils, use them well diluted, and opt for using the oil in your room rather than applying them directly on your skin!
Essential oils for pregnant or nursing women The recommendation is to avoid essential oils until the fifth month of pregnancy.

You can still use vegetable oils, like almond or grapeseed oil.
Don’t confuse vegetable oils with essential oils!
Some women don’t have any issues when using essential oils while pregnant.

Others become very sensitive to smells and sensations in general.
It is something very personal, and just a few drops of the essential oil are enough.

Pregnant women and nursing moms can use these oils:
Lavender Helps with anxiety and stress, improves sleep, and fights depressive feelings.
Grapefruit Helps with tiredness and nausea, headaches, mood, and energy.
The best way of using these oils is a foot bath (add 5 drops of the oil in a basin full of water) or 3 drops in a diffuser.

Essential oil for moms that aren’t nursing If you aren’t nursing your child anymore, you can include some other oils in your routine:
Rosemary This oil is stimulating, anti-depressive, and improves physical and mental fatigue.

Ylang-Ylang Has relaxing properties and helps with fear and self-esteem.
Avoid both oils if you suffer from high blood pressure.
Essential oils for babies, 1 or 2 drops of essential oil on your diffuser is the recommended dose.

Don’t even think about applying the oil directly over your baby’s skin, alright?
Lavender This is one of the best oils for any time of your life.
It is soothing, improves sleep, reduces fear, and brings balance.

Lemon This oil is better for older children since it helps with focus, useful for when they need to study and do homework.
Lemon oil also fights stress.

Orange It brings happiness, increases appetite, helps with anger, bad mood, and nervous crises.

Did you already know these essential oils and how they can help mothers, babies, and children?
Essential oils are highly concentrated compounds that can be toxic when incorrectly used.
Be extra careful when using them during these delicate stages of your life!